Advanced Glazing Systems  – Building envelope projects including Harbour Green 2 and Fairmont Pacific Rim.

Oldcastle Building Envelope Inc.  – Building Envelope Projects including Harbour Green 3 and River Green Parcel 2.

Aspac Developments  – River Green Parcel 2 - glass replacement,maintenance.

Baywest Property Management  – renovation and maintenance projects .

BW Global Structural  – Shelter construction projects including foundation building and installation of connection plates, braces, trusses, roof tarp and building of end-wall frames.

Rick Macdonald Contracting   principal contractor for Gateway Property Management – General renovation projects.

West Coast Express  – Maintenance projects.

A.T. Westside Projects Ltd is a Licensed Residential Builder, has WCB and Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage.

Safe work is our main concern: we implement work safe procedures and MSDS for all materials in use.